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Hi, I'm B. Michelle!

I am a visionary leader with a deep passion for fundraising and how it can inspire people and connect them to solutions for making the world more equitable. I help organizations build transformational giving programs, strengthen their culture of giving, and get boards excited to engage in fundraising.

With 20+ years of development experience supporting small to large nonprofits, I bring a team-centered approach to creating, implementing, and analyzing thoughtful fundraising plans and systems for success. I connect people with the tools needed to fully realize their mission. Together, we can foster fundraising that builds community, inspires, and excites – but most importantly, is thoughtful, manageable, and done with integrity.

What I Believe

I believe in the abundance and generosity of community. When we truly understand community as a caring body of people and institutions that can work together—instead of being in competition with each other—we can accomplish so much more.

Nonprofits play an important role in dismantling injustice, bringing together communities and leaders to solve problems and tackle the systems that uphold and perpetuate inequities. Even if your nonprofit doesn’t involve direct advocacy, we all have a role in working together and advocating for change.


I bring a core commitment to embedding racial equity into our work together. It is imperative that nonprofits of all sizes and missions integrate core understandings and practices that address the root causes of racial injustice. I acknowledge the power dynamics that define my experience as a white fundraiser, and I am on a perpetual quest to listen, learn (and unlearn!), and be accountable.


My enthusiasm will be evident in how we show up for your donors, staff, volunteers, and community. This work is rewarding, exciting, fun—and challenging. By centering joy we allow ourselves to stay connected to the passion, dedication, and hope that called us to this work in the first place.

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